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About Us

At Kwezit Games, we aim to inspire minds of all ages through playful learning and entertainment.
Our tiny game studio specializes in creating brain games and puzzles for all ages including developmental games for kids. We design our games to enhance cognitive skills, improve memory retention, and sharpen logical thinking. We believe in the power of kindness in games – there's no room for cruelty or blood here. Each of our games is a journey to knowledge and pleasure, suitable for both children and adults. Join us in a world where learning through play means growing!


Brain games, puzzles, quizzes, and games enhancing concentration, attention, logic, and patience.

Games for kids

Fun and educational games for kids, blending play with learning for creative and cognitive development.

Kind games only

Games crafted with positivity, free from violence and cruelty, intended to foster kindness and intellectual growth.

Our Games

Check out our new games:
fun, brain-boosting creations for everyone to enjoy.

  • Daily brain training with puzzles, logic & memory games for your mental fitness!

    Smarterrr details Smarterrr on Apple Store Smarterrr on Google Store
  • Really exciting ball sorting puzzle game. Challenge yourself and relax your mind

    Brain Marbles details Brain Marbles on Apple Store Brain Marbles on Google Store
  • King of Sorting is an exciting dynamic game that trains your attentiveness and reaction skills.

    King Of Sorting details King Of Sorting on Apple Store King Of Sorting on Google Store
  • Matching game. Memory game. Brain game. An easy and fun way to train your brain.

    Memory game details Memory game on Apple Store Memory game on Google Store
  • Nice "pop a balloons" game for kids.

    Balloons Rainbow details Balloons Rainbow on Google Store
  • A challenging, smart and colorful blend of solitaire games and logic puzzles.

    Train Mix details Train Mix on Apple Store Train Mix on Google Store
  • Dynamic arcade tapper game. Tap fast to protect your sweets from hungry bugs!

    Hungry Bugs V details Hungry Bugs V on Apple Store Hungry Bugs V on Google Store


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