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Train Mix - challenging puzzle

     Train Mix is a really challenging logical puzzle game. It's a smart and colorful blend of logical, solitaire and railway puzzles games. It is a joy for those who love brain games and solve difficult logical problems, that will train spatial imagination, patience and the ability to think steps ahead.

     Train Mix combines several genres of puzzles, such as: solitaire, Train shunting puzzles, also often called railway shunting puzzles or railroad switching puzzles and a strategy games. As a result to succeed with Train mix - you should have patience, spatial imagination, planing and shunting skills.

     The game have 2 play modes: Evolution and Career. The first one allows you to choose from a huge amount of different difficulty levels, sorted from easy to challenging one . The second one is a real puzzle challenge! The multitude of consecutive levels are periodically hard restricted in time and/or movements, which makes the game more challenging and dynamic.

     On every of 225+ carefully selected levels, you will get a shuffled combination of railroad tracks layout and railroad carriages, that you will need to arrange the carriages, matching their shape and color. Simply drag the railroad carriage from one track to another, trying to form a railroad train consisting of identical carriages of the same color. A railroad carriage can be moved either into an empty track, or behind the one of the same shape and color. If a player gets to an impasse, the strong game AI, in just few milliseconds will parse all possible solutions and will hint about the problem and suggests to roll back to the last solvable state.


     ★ Challenging railway shunting puzzle with elements of classic solitaire game

     ★ Two game-play modes and three difficulty levels

     ★ 225+ carefully selected challenging levels

     ★ All levels are guaranteed to have solutions

     ★ Strong AI will immediately inform about deadlock move

     ★ A great challenge for those who love to solve difficult puzzles

     ★ Clean, colorful graphics

     ★ Simple play rules

     ★ Regular updates with new levels

     Train mix is not only bright colorful railroad carriages, railroad trains and dull train driver. It is an explosive mixture of logic, strategy, spatial imagination, good exercise for the brain and a lot of fun!


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"Train Mix is a terrific new puzzle game for Android devices that’s perfect for players who love solving challenging mind-bending puzzles." –